Are you looking to set up a counselling service at your school?  Look no further!

We offer “non-directive supportive therapy” –which the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommend as treatment in children and young people suffering from mild depression.  School-based counselling has shown significant reductions in psychological distress and help children and young people to pursue and reach their goals, increase their capacity to learn (as it helps them to concentrate more fully in class and exams as their have an outlet for their uncomfortable feeling and worries), and therefore get better grades.

When children experience life difficulties, like parental conflict or bullying, it can cause a lot of painful feelings as well as distressing responses.  Having the opportunity to talk openly and honestly about their feelings and difficulties can help the child move towards healthier ways of coping and move towards solutions to their problems.  This in turn helps to reduce their distress – even if just by being able to process their feelings and being able to let them off their chest.  Furthermore, it can help them to feel not completely alone in their distress.  They can come to understand why they might be acting out, and find better ways of dealing with their painful feelings.  They might start to feel a better sense of self as they move towards a greater sense of self-acceptance and understanding.

Having the opportunity to talk openly and honestly to a counsellor who can help them normalise difficult feelings and distressing responses can also make it easier for children and young people to develop the confidence and the skills to open up to others and develop better relationships.

Evidence shows the long-term savings by investing in early interventions.  School-based counselling, wether in primary or secondary schools, helps children become more resilient, helps them grow into into adolescence and adulthood with better chances and better methods of coping.

In addition to the benefits to children and young people, having a counselling service in your school has shown to have benefits to staff as well.  With staff having access to counselling, the following have been reported: greater job satisfaction, lower stress levels, higher staff retention rates and fewer sickness related absences.  Having a good counselling service at your school is a win-win all around.

We have been working with children and young people for over 25 years (combined), with excellent training and experience of safeguarding.

To find out how to set up a counselling service in your school that is cost-effective and of high quality, get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.